Bach Flower Remedies - Remedies for Everyone


Bach Flower Remedies - Remedies for Everyone

Bach Flowers Remedies are named after the Good Doctor Dr. Edward Bach who discovered and gifted the planet with this new and delicate system of healing.

It is simple. It is effective and it works on everyone.

Young children today have far more happening in their lives than the last two generations. Flooded with media, games, expectations, desires and endless, mostly useless information, they believe that they have to be a Monet’ or a Bill Gates overnight!

Emotions of Self Worth, Confidence, Directions or Decisions are on a roller coaster most of the time. Some manage well, some don’t. Sometimes, the very intelligent ones get stuck when the swoop is downward and then don’t quite know how to fly up and yonder.

Its not just the young ones whose emotions are a juggling circus, its also the lovely ladies whose children have flown, the men who gave their everything to a company and now are retired, the corporate executive who is dealing with manipulation and back stabbing, the bored shop keeper, the overwhelmed, tiered businessman, the list endless.

All these emotional and mental stress spaces can find relief through the Bach flower remedies. While Olive can help with something as simple as being tired, Gentian can help a person in depression. The range is tremendous as they can work in removing trauma, painful past issues, give relief to those who are low on tolerance and constantly irritated or simply help someone with OCD!

Bach Remedies are simple. effective and they work on everyone.

They are now easily available and it is recommended that People should train for basic Bach Remedies is so that you may use them at home for yourself, friends and family. If that does not interest, you then have a go-to Bach practitioner who can support you as and when required.

In fact, you can ask for remedies for your Pets as well, specially those that are afraid of fire crackers & loud noises. For those who love gardening a bottle of rescue remedy will be magical for your plants!

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