Theta Healing and its benefits


Theta Healing and its benefits

Created by or given toViannaStibal, Theta Healing is a wonderful healing modality. During a Theta Healing crystals classes, you are taught to connect with the universal life force using thought and prayer.

It typically takes you into a Theta State and you can work on or with people or on yourself for healing purposes. It requires, a fair amount of dedication and rhythm to get to a point where you can understand and work with it. A good, balanced teacher is key to successful healing or even more in case you wish be a Theta healer or practitioner. Having said that, doing with Vianna herself would be highly recommended.

The benefits of Theta Healing depend on whether you need the healing or you wish to learn:
Theta healing crystals stbenefits are the same as other healing modalities, 
It can heal if you wish to be healed or to heal
It transforms you into a different space and understanding of the Energy World, which is not commonly known or accepted. 
It increases your intuitive ability

For all energy modalities, however, do ensure that you constantly check your emotional and mental balance, because as your positives grow so may the negatives. That leads you away from the path that you started with, not towards.

“Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you are worth it”
~Jade K

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